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An online platform specialized in marine entertainment that enables users to register, book and pay electronically. It also provides its services to providers of entertainment services, sports, and various marine activities and their support services.

Boatek contracts with the largest and most famous commercial marinas in addition to owners of boats, yachts and various marine media located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and facilitates the way to book all marine activities from boat excursions, fishing trips, diving and other activities through electronic payment. Boatek provides a lot of options for the customer, starting from luxury yachts to small boats.

Enabling Saudi youth to own and operate marine vehicles in cooperation with specialized factories in order to create opportunities to establish small projects for young men and women. Also, creating new job opportunities for young men and women by contracting with the owners of marine vehicles to protect and develop the marine environment.

Boatek provides the opportunity to invest and market marine vehicles in a professional way, and to obtain good financial returns that suit the specifications of the marine vehicle. Also, it facilitates the process of communication and contracting with customers which preserves the rights of all parties.

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